Authorities busted a moonshine distillery across the street from a Craven County elementary school, according to investigators.

North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement agents, working with Craven County Sheriff's deputies, seized the alcohol still pictured above from a home on the 2400 block of Old Cherry Point Road, investigators said.

The home is directly across the road from Brinson Memorial Elementary School property.

The raid occurred earlier this month; it began as a prescription pill investigation, but no pills were found.  Investigators instead discovered the moonshine still, agents said.

Authorities later charged the home's resident, 31-year-old Lucas Charles Viglianco, with manufacturing liquor without a permit, possession of non tax-paid alcoholic beverages, and possession of equipment and ingredients intended to manufacture alcoholic beverages.

Viglianco bonded out of the Craven County jail; no one answered the door at his home and his listed phone number had a full voice mail box.

It is legal to brew beer and ferment wine for home use in North Carolina, according to Brent Massey, assistant special agent in charge at the New Bern ALE office.

However, distilling liquor without a permit is illegal, Massey said.

It is not known if Viglianco was selling the moonshine, Massey said.