Auction to bring congregation back to church

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Pamlico County - The Old Methodist Church off of Highway 55 in Pamlico County is holding an auction and everything, except the building, is for sale. The event is scheduled for 10 am Saturday. The auction will go on for most of the day despite adverse weather with the approach of Hurricane Sandy.

The auction will be held in an effort to clear out the building. For seven years the owner, Jerry Casey, has been using the building for storage.

"Some people have an attic, garage,or shed. Jerry Casey has a whole church in which he has filled with quite valuable stuff," said auction facilitator Jeff Aydelette.

The church auction will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

"The church and the ground that it sits on are going to stay right here. No permanent fixtures are being sold from the church because it is actually going to become a church after the auction," said Aydelette.

The Old Methodist Church's owner, Jerry Casey, decided to part with his belongings when he was contacted by two pastors.

"Joyce Swim and Garth had contacted me about having a ministry here, and we needed to get this stuff out of the building for them, to be able to accommodate them to have a church," said Casey.

The pastors say they knew The Old Methodist Church was their new home.

"This is the building the Lord led us to. We had several buildings we were looking at and praying over and this is the one he led us to," said Pastor Joyce Swimm.

After the items in the church are auctioned off, the money will go to various charities. The new congregation will move in soon after, with its first service scheduled for December first. The new congregation will be called the Fire House.

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