Attorney General: Propane Prices Not Regulated By State; Buyer Beware

CRAVEN COUNTY - People who heat their homes with propane are seeing different gas prices across the East. We got in touch with the Attorney General's Office and found out Propane is not regulated by the NC Utilities Commission. That means companies can charge you whatever they want for gas.

Your next door neighbor could be paying a lot less for their gas bill. We researched prices across the east and found some companies charging more than $1.00 more per gallon than other companies.

We've called Jenkins Gas, now owned by Inergy Propane, several times. We found they charged a lot more than their competitors. We are still waiting for a call back for answers as to why they charge so much.

If you do use propane gas, the Attorney General has a few tips. First, shop around for a gas dealer who offers the best price and service. Make sure to get accurate estimates and compare prices.

The attorney generals also suggests you compare service fees too. Some dealers charge for tank rental, installation, removal and deliveries.

Finally we heard from a few viewers who told us they were able to negotiate directly with their propane companies. One woman was charged $3.75 a gallon, and talked a supervisor down to $2.50.

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