As Rain Continues, Some Residents Ask For Return of Mosquito Control

Some Residents Ask For Return of Craven Mosquito Program (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

CRAVEN COUNTY - Some people in Craven County would like the county government to bring back their spraying program that worked to help kill mosquitoes.

That program, which cost approximately $150,000, was cut from the budget last year.

Lee Allen was among the majority who did not include the program in the county's budget after July 2011.

Allen said he was unsure of how effective the program was in controlling mosquito populations.

The population could grow further with the recent rain throughout the area.

With the number of West Nile Virus cases increasing across the country and the death due to the virus in Wayne County, some residents would like to see the program return.

Melissa Meyer lives in the Brices Creek area and hopes the program will be revived, but thinks decision makers might take notice if West Nile Virus cases appear in Craven County.

Cases of West Nile have developed in 47 states, resulting in 41 deaths.

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