Arctic air outbreak on the way

Coldest air in decades arrives

Some of the coldest air in over a decade is about to slam into Eastern North Carolina.

We first begin with a brief warm up. Sunday, highs will top out in the low to mid 60's. As an area of low pressure tracks just offshore, expect to see some hit or miss showers through the day.

By Monday morning, a strong arctic front will start to move through the Piedmont of North Carolina. This front will move through Eastern North Carolina late morning through early afternoon, bringing a chance for rain showers early . Temperatures Monday morning will start off warm, 54-58 degrees. Once the front moves through, temperatures will plummet into the 30's by afternoon. Winds will pick up and be blustery around 15-25mph out of the northwest.  Windchill's will likely be in the 20's and teens by Monday afternoon and evening.  We will start to see some clearing Monday night, and lows will drop into the upper teens to low 20's. Holding on to strong winds, windchill readings will be dangerously high. We will see windchill's into the single digits come Tuesday morning. With this arctic air, record breaking highs and lows are also possible. We will likely not get above freezing all day Tuesday. 

Residents in Eastern North Carolina should start preparing for this Extreme cold now!

Please take today to prepare for this cold snap by preparing your home and vehicles for at least a 2 day stretch of Arctic air. Make sure pets have a warm place to stay. If you plan to be outdoors any during this time, make sure to have proper clothing such as scarfs, hats, gloves, and jackets. It only takes a matter of moments for frost bite or hypothermia to set in. 

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