Arapahoe Charter denied request to expand

0111 Arapahoe denied

The State Board of Education denied a request from Arapahoe Charter School to expand the school to 12th grade.

In a vote of 7 to 5 Thursday night, the SBE rejected Arapahoe Charter's petition to expand, said Principal Tom McCarthy. Why the board made the decision was unknown.

"There's debate over impact and they're measuring impact solely in dollars, what they're not measuring in is  in choice," said McCarthy.

"We're a very small county and we don't feel like Pamlico County can handle two high schools," said Steve Curtis with Pamlico County School's financial office. "The funding is an issue also there are also not enough funding to have two comprehensive programs in Pamlico County."

Leaders at Arapahoe Charter had been urging parents and students to support a petition that would allow the school to expand to 12th grade. Last year, the school was allowed to expand to 9th grade.

Leaders at Arapahoe Charter said making the school K-12 would bring more educational options for children in the area.

The superintendent of Pamlico County Schools issued this statement Thursday night:

"Pamlico County Schools is totally dedicated to providing a quality education for their students. We are grateful for the support that we received from parents, school employees, students and [the] community."

Ten North Carolina charter schools were recommended for expansion by the office of charter schools, McCarthy said. But Arapahoe Charter was the only school in the list that was denied.

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