AR-15's disappearing from shelves

1229 Rising gun sales

New Bern - Ar-15's are quickly disappearing off shelves of gun stores in Craven County and into the hands of gun enthusiasts.

 "It's been pretty much through the roof," said Michael Lane, owner of Bite Me Firearms." I can't get them in fast enough. "

 "They're afraid that some of the items may be banned and if you don't already own one you can't get one," said Earl Dale, owner of Sportsman Toy Shop off Hwy 70 in James City.

 The AR-15 is the gun that has sparked potential gun control changes since the deadly Newtown, Connecticut shooting.

It ranges from $800 to nearly $3000; people aren't sparing any expense to get their hands on the semi- automatic.

 "My sales may have spike right this minute, but it may be slower in the future because people might have bought the gun or ammo they've wanted, said Dail.

  Lane says recent demands for the gun have outpaced the normal flow of production and distribution, leaving manufactures overwhelmed

 "Smith and Wesson, they're telling me lead time is 3 to 6 months," said Lane". "If something goes down as far as the laws concerned before they get the guns in they may never have them again."

 A bitter sweet future for those who want the gun's off the market. The Coalition for Gun Violence fears the AR-15 obsession is turning  people into gun hoarders and distractingwhat's important.

 "It's not the gun it's not the ammo it's  not how many times the magazine will hold the ammo, it's the fool behind the gun that we need to address," said Dail.

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