Anticipation Grows For Paul Ryan's Visit to ENC

Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan Speaks at ECU

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GREENVILLE - Just days after his big speech in Tampa, Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan is ready to make another speech, this time in Greenville. Ryan will speak at East Carolina University's Student Recreation Center.

Many students like Eva Torres plan to be front and center at the Victory Rally.

"This is a great opportunity and I think if people don't take advantage of it then they're shortening themselves," Torres said.

The senior says despite being a Democrat and pro Obama, she's curious to hear where the candidate stands on student interest rates and Pell Grant cuts.

"No one should ever just be like I'm a Democrat, I'm Republican, I'm just gonna do one party. You really should hear everyone out and see what they're about," she said.

"I really hadn't thought about it that much until right now and I think it's good option to go and see what he has to say," said freshman Mariah Hawkins.

Hawkins says she was on the fence about attending the rally. The first time voter didn't hold back when sharing that she was not really a fan of either presidential nominee Mitt Romney or of President Obama.
After our interview, she hopes to score some tickets.

"It's a lot different viewing him on the TV screen versus seeing up close and making him a real person," said Hawkins.

Ryan's speech on Monday could very well be a deal breaker for voters like Hawkins when making the ultimate decision they believe is right for the country.

Doors will open Monday morning at 11. The Rally will begin around 1pm. Organizers are taking extra precautions to ensure safety. They say attendees should expect airport-like security and arrive on time.

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