Anti-smoking assignment sparks boy band

Physician's assistant students form Boy BANDemia

Anti-smoking assignment sparks boy band

GREENVILLE - Second-year students at East Carolina University, Sean Russell, Adam Rhodes and Joe Bartholomew turned a class project into Boy BANDemia.

"Bandemia means you bone marrow is producing white blood cells to mount an attack against an infection," said Russell.

Modeled after The Backstreet Boy's 1999 hit, "I Want It That Way", the future physician's assistants wanted to promote an anti-smoking message to teenagers.

In their parody, "I'll Quit But Not Today", Boy BANDemia sings about the negative effects of smoking from getting cancer to smelling bad.

"Music is a huge influence on our culture, especially in that age group.  We decided to go with the boy band image in hope that it would have more of an impact than a fear tactic would," said Bartholomew.

Boy BANDemia never thought this class project would get recognition from national organizations.

"I was very surprised that an organization like the American Heart Association would give our video recognition," said Bartholomew.

The AHA and the American Lung Association tweeted the link to their followers.  In two weeks, the video received 5,000 views.

The group is also not planning to be a one hit wonder with graduation just around the corner.

"I would like to keep it up if we could do it. Hopefully, we're not located too far away from each other," said Rhodes.

A quote from the band's page on Facebook states: "If this video makes you laugh, then it's done its job.  If this video makes you quit smoking, we've done our job."

To see the video copy and paste this link:

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