Another store break-in where a burglar cuts through the building

POSTED: 11:43 PM Jul 31 2013   UPDATED: 1:12 AM Aug 01 2013

Employees of the Junction Store in Farmville said a burglar made holes in the back of the store to get inside late Tuesday night.

The owners of the store said the break-in happened on South Fields Street, leaving three holes in the back of the building.

Junction Store employee Ahmed Jouhri said he discovered the break-in when he got into work around 6:00 Wednesday morning.

"When I opened the door I was surprised because I found the ATM machine broke," Jouhri said.

He said around $1,500 was taken from the ATM, and two game machines were also smashed open with all the money gone. Jouhri believes about $2,000 was stolen in all.

He said this is not the first time the Junction Store has had this type of break-in.

"It happened last year like this too in the same month," he said.

This kind of break-in is a method we've seen in the last year-and-a-half. The Junction Store break-in is the 15th one to happen in the area and 11th in Pitt County where a suspect gets inside the building by smashing a hole through a wall.

We tried contacting Farmville Police to get more information and are still waiting to learn more details.

Employees said no one was hurt in the break-in.