Another crash on Catfish Lake Road, residents beg for change

Another crash on Catfish Lake Road, residents beg for change

CRAVEN COUNTY, HAVELOCK - It's been more than a week since two Camp Lejeune Marines were found dead inside a car on Catfish Lake Road in Craven County.

Investigators said both 19-year-old PFC Skyler Way and LCpl. Nick Buscarnera died as a result of drowning. when their car crashed into a ditch.

This past, weekend troopers responded to another crash on the road.  Officials said a Marine took a curb too fast and his car had to be pulled out of a ditch.

Anita Singer and Shaun Peretik believe the problem is the road not the people driving.

"I think it's very sad that it takes two Marines dying, more crashes after that and the fact they won't take the initiative to do something about this road," Singer said.

Troopers worry that paving the road could cause drivers to go even faster, they suggest to put guard rails on the sides of the road to keep cars from going off the road into the water.

"People think oh just because it's flat they're not going to crash, but once they hit that pothole they're going off the side of the road," Singer said.  

Statistics show since the fall of 2009 ten people have died in fatal crashes on this road due to speed. Although on this 14 miles stretch, with a speed limit of 55mph, the couple sayid they were only driving 35 when they fell victim to this road in July. 

"There was something in the road. I went to go around, hit a pothole the wrong way which sent me fish tailing."

Peretik said he lost control and slammed his car into a tree. Singer said her foot went through the windshield and she had to be airlifted to Vidant Medical Center.  

"We were very, very fortunate because it could have been a lot worse than it was," she said.

The couple said if DOT can't pave the road, they said they can at least put up speed limit signs to make the road safer.

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