Animals Treated Like Trash

Kitten Thrown From Car Window

ORIENTAL - Cameras aren't always around capture malicious treatment of helpless animals and Pamlico County is no stranger to this issue

There are a number of abandonment stories one that happened on Kershaw Road. A man witnessed 7 Labrador puppies thrown from a car window. The most recent made headlines in the local paper. A 3 month old kitten was found in Low Lands. According to Wendy Seward with Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital, the kitten had also been thrown from a car.

"The skin hanging down from his lower jaw his teeth being broken or missing," Seward described. "It makes you angry cause it's so unnecessary, it makes you wish you could have a conversation with the person who did that and kind of set them straight to what they did and how they hurt the animal."

The kitten has been completely recovered from its injuries. Smiley the cat is now happy, healthy and living with its adopted family. Unfortunately this type of happy ending doesn't always happen.

Adding to the problems Seward says people don't realize their attempt to help is just as much of a burden. She says lost or unwanted animals are often left on the steps of animal hospitals, sometimes going unnoticed for days. People don't realize these facility are not large enough to house strays. Longing for a better solution, the Oriental Village suggest that people take strays to an animal shelter where the chances of surviving are more likely to end like Smiley's.

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