Animal control searches for snake in Greenville park

POSTED: 6:59 PM May 23 2013

A picture sent by a viewer to Newschannel 12 shows what they say is a 17 foot python in Greenville’s West Meadowbrook Park.

The picture went viral between people who frequent the park. We were unable to track down the person who took the picture, so we sent a crew out to investigate.

After notifying Greenville Animal Control, we met them at the park.

We showed the picture to Tim Langley, Greenville’s Animal Control Supervisor, who said “if what I'm seeing is a true python and if it is 17 foot long, not saying that it is, then we'll need a container to put it in."

That’s when the search for the serpent began. We scoured the area surrounding where the picture was taken, but came up empty.

Animal Control showed the picture to some experts. They believe the snake may be a large rat snake, or two mating rat snakes. However, they were unable to rule out the possibility that it is in fact a python.

Pythons are not native to the United States. Langley believes if the snake is a python, it was most likely a pet that grew too big and was released into the wild.

People that frequent the park are taking an extra look before they step. "I just walk around a little bit and that's it,” said Frank Morgan. “I just try to stay in the clean area, but if he up in the trees ain't nothin' clean is it?"

"Good God Almighty. Dang. Boy I sure hope it don't grab onto none of these kids that be walking around here and stuff,” said William Godley.

Langley says they’re going to continue to have crews search for the snake.

If you come across it, officials urge you to keep your distance and contact Animal Control immediately.