Angels N Camo group wins free truck

Angels N Camo group wins free truck

WASHINGTON, BEAUFORT COUNTY - A local non-profit organization that grants wishes to kids battling tough diseases had a wish of its own come true—a brand new truck.

The Angels N Camo group won the truck through the "Toyota 100 cars for Good" program, which gives 100 cars to 100 non-profits over the course of 50 days.

Angels N Camo beat out thousands of applications all over the country to win the brand new Toyota Tundra.

"We're very blessed and very humbled and very excited," Lisa Adams, founder of Angels N Camo said.

Adams started Angels N Camo two years ago to help kids suffering from illnesses, enjoy a day of adventure—either hunting or fishing. So far, six children have gone on the free adventures.

9-year-old Emma Shifflett is one of them.

"I went fishing to catch a red drum. I was out there until like 2 o'clock in the morning but we finally caught some. It was huge. It was probably as big as I am," Shifflett said.

Emma suffers from a neuro muscular disease called spinal muscular atrophy. She was diagnosed when she was 16 months old and progressively over time has gotten worse.

"It's real nice because some kids they can't go do some of this stuff and they need help sometimes and it's just so nice for them to help out," she said.

Her mom, Brandy, said the trip meant the world to their family.

"It was a wonderful experience for her because it's not anything I'd be able to take her out now on my own. We don't have a fancy boat or any way to take her," she said.

"[The children have] really impacted my life. I started to change theirs and they reversed it and changed mine for the better and it's amazing to be around them. I'm honored to be their guests on their trip," Adams said.

Adams knows with a new car there will be many more trips to come in the future.

The group took home a Toyota Tundra from Pecheles Toyota in Washington Tuesday morning. They were one of only 100 non-profits across the country to receive a vehicle. The organizations won by getting the most Facebook votes.

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