"America's Tall Ship" makes Morehead City stop

"America's Tall Ship" makes Morehead City stop

MOREHEAD CITY - The US Coast Guard Cutter Barque Eagle docked at the state port in Morehead City Friday. The ship is nicknamed "America's Tall Ship" since it is the largest commissioned ship of it's class and has quite the history.

According to the ship's commanding officer, Captain Wes Pulver, the ship was a reparation from Nazi Germany in 1946. Ever since then, it's been training Coast Guard cadets and officers on how to be a seafarer.

The ship is 295 feet long with six miles of rigging and more than 23,000 square feet of sail. The 60 crew ship traveled from Connecticut in the past seven days to dock in Eastern North Carolina.

While docked, free tours are available to the public. The ship will leave port on Monday, March 31.

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