American Legion holds Veterans Stand Down

American Legion holds Veteran Stand Down

JACKSONVILLE - Life wasn't what James Adamson expected once he left the Marine Corps. He was homeless in Detroit, Michigan and lived in a shelter specifically for veterans.

Adamson moved to Jacksonville three years ago, and has been moving from house to house since then. He says he's staying with a friend temporarily, but must find somewhere else to go because there's no longer enough room for him.

That's what brought him to the American Legion Building Tuesday, where the Veteran Stand Down event was held.

More than 100 veterans and Onslow County citizens who are either unemployed or homeless came to the event to benefit from everything like free hair cuts, dental care, warm clothes and financial management help.

Adamson says he's seen veterans in the same situation for a number of reasons.

"Drug habits, drinking habits, crime, readjustment in life, something went
wrong, give up hope, lose their way," Adamson said.

Grant Beck with the Military Order of the Purple Heart says there are still more veterans in need that must be reached.     

"The biggest hope is that every homeless person, veterans in particular,
in our area finds a place to stay, finds a job, finds a source of income,
gets healthy and can get back into society," Beck said.

Adamson says events like this give assurance to veterans that they can rebuild, if they're willing to find the help.

"Everyone that's here needs a break in one way or another, but you've
really got to look for it, and try to get it," Adamson said. "It's a rough thing."

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