Amber Alert Infant Found Safe

A six-day-old baby, allegedly abducted by his mother, was found safe Monday night, Pitt County deputies said.

His accused kidnapper, 30-year-old Jessica Chavis, was also found.

Chavis allegedly took off with the infant, Kayden Chavis, on Saturday while the child was at a relative's house. Capt. Paula Dance with the Pitt County Sheriff's Office said the Department of Social Services had an emergency order to remove the baby. Social Services would not give a reason as to why the order was originally issued. Detectives said part of the reason is because Jessica suffers from cognitive issues, and the newborn was in an unsafe environment.

Jessica knew about the order, and Capt. Dance said she believes Jessica got scared and took off. When officials from DSS went to get the baby on Saturday, they realized the two were gone and that is when the search began.

Sheriff Neil Elks said Amber Alerts are usually not issued for a parent of the missing child, but this case had extenuating circumstances.

"When Monday morning came around, we needed to take this to a different level or a higher level and we started our investigation and we encouraged the Amber Alert," Elks said.

An Amber Alert was issued around 5:30 p.m. Monday for Kayden. By 8:30 p.m., Jessica and the baby were found.

Jessica turned herself in, meeting deputies on Spring Forest Road in Greenville. Jessica is charged with misdemeanor child abuse. She posted $3,000 bail out of the Pitt County Detention Center around 7:30p.m. Tuesday.

Sheriff Elks said detectives are discussing arrests in the future with the District Attorney for anyone who hid Jessica during the alert, possibly endangering Kayden.

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