A Winterville mother comes home from Afghanistan to surprise her family at her daughter's day care. Air Force Staff Sergeant Constance Wirth said she's always wanted to surprise her mom, but that it’s tough to keep anything a secret from her.

“I actually talked to her on the way here. She probably thinks I’m leaving Texas right now,” Wirth said.

Wirth came home in May from Afghanistan, but kept her return a secret from her mother and daughter until she could surprise the two.

“I’ve never been able to keep anything from her. I can’t just show up and surprise her. It’s never a surprise. She always knows,” Wirth said.

With help from her friends, this Winterville mom hid at her daughter's daycare in Ayden. Meanwhile, her three-year-old daughter Sydney Roman played bingo while she waited for her grandmother to pick her up from daycare.

“I saw in the room, and I saw her. I moved out of the doorway. Then I heard her speak, and I almost walked right in,” Wirth said.

This single mom said she's transitioned out of the Air Force. After nine years of service, with six of them stationed overseas, she said she’s excited to become a full time mom.