Agri-videos for education

Adventures of Agent Morgan and the Extension Fairy hopes to educate public

Agri-videos for education

TRENTON, JONES COUNTY - The Extension Fairy is helping the Jones County North Carolina Extension Office spread the word about agriculture.

"Sometimes Agent Morgan has a problem that's bigger than just one farmer," said Sanchez.

That's where the "Extension Fairy" videos come in.  Together, Morgan and Sanchez make videos on topics such as agri-tourism and trimming crepe myrtles a little more fun like making sure people don't commit "crepe murder".

"Crepe murder is so sad.  It makes the trees bloom a lot that year right after you cut them, but in the long term it makes the trees structurally weak," said Sanchez.

One similar educational video from a different North Carolina Extension Office has more than 30,000 views on  The Jones County Extension Office wanted to beat that number with the help of the "Extension Fairy"

"We figured we could do informative and entertaining videos online and help people get the information they need," said Morgan.

The Extension Office is using the form of edu-tainment to help people learn more about farming.

"Thanks to farmers.  We get to eat three times a day, and we're so removed from our agriculture sometimes that we don't realize how connected to it we really be and should be," said Sanchez.

More agri-videos will be posted soon about Agent Morgan and The Extension Fairy.

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