After 13 hours the Hatteras Yacht fire is contained

After 13 hours the Hatteras Yacht fire is contained

BEAUFORT, CARTERET COUNTY - Fire fighters battled flames through the night at a yacht fire at Jarretts Bay Boatworks in Carteret County on Saturday.

Rescue crews said the fire started around 3 a.m., and after 13 hours they were able to contain the fire around 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon. More than 11 emergency crews including the Coast Guard responded to the area.

The 118 foot yacht fire, named Montana Moon, also spread to three boats nearby, destroying a sail boat and severely damaging others.

Vice President of Operations Tate Lawrence said when he got the call in the middle of the night he didn't believe it.

"When I arrived here the fire had already spread onto the sailboat next door to it, burning the paint off of several other boats around it and busting some windows out. There is a lot of damage," he said.

Lawrence said the Montana Moon is a $3 million yacht. He said he has contacted the owners of all the boats that were destroyed or damaged.

Beaufort Fire Marshall Eddie Lewis said the boat is a tri-deck yacht and it's hard to tell exactly where the fire started.

"As this vessel has burned it has all caved together and piled down, making it difficult for the fire fighters to reach the seed of the fire," he said.

Lewis said he doesn't know what caused the fire but he will ask for state and federal resources to help with the investigation.

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