After 12 years, Emerald Isle mayor to leave office

After 12 years, Emerald Isle mayor to leave office

EMERALD ISLE - The more than decade long mayor of Emerald Isle announced he would not seek re-election in 2013.

Art Schools has been mayor for 12 years. He ran for Emerald Isle mayor four times total, two of those times he ran unopposed. Schools is now stepping down, and four candidates have stepped forward to fill his shoes.

Schools is known to some in the community fondly. It's said he was a shoe in for re-election, which is why he ran unopposed for so long.

Schools emits an air of humility when talking about being mayor of the western side of Bogue Banks. Not taking credit for any particular project the town has taken on. The mayor would much rather give credit to the team for town accomplishments.

A striking detail about those in Emerald Isle's Town Hall, the dress code is relaxed. On an average day, the mayor and associates might be found in sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt.

"I don't really spend much time in the office," Schools said about the job. "Most of my time doing Emerald Isle type things is out on the streets."

Running for the position of mayor are four community members, Brandon Staton, Don Wells, Ryan Ayre, and Eddie Barber. The winner of the November 5th election will serve the town for four years.

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