African American Historial Marker Unvieled

It's the first of its kind. The first Free-Mason lodge for African Americans in North Carolina.

The marker for King Solomon's Lodge # 1, was uncovered on Metcalf street. The unveiling of the historical marker adds to the rich history of the city of New Bern. King Solomon's lodge is not an actual lodge, it a place for masons. An organization of men designed to work together doing what they can to make the world a better place. Members of the community, state and grand lodge officials gathered for the reveal.

"This is a marker awarding our longeivty as being the 1st black african american lodge in North Carolina." says grand lecturer Joseph Bailey.

An event a year and a half in the making, now a reality. The lodge hasn't been used since a fire last year, Bailey hopes that the presentation of the new marker will change that.

"We've been renovating and restoring so we've done a lot of the work but a lot more needs to be done and we're hoping by this marker ceremony and the people that attended that maybe we can get some influence and get some assistance in helping to complete the first african american lodge in North Carolina."

King Solomon's isn't open for tours yet, but officials say once the lodge has been completely restored the community will be able to go inside the landmark and get a piece of history.

Teddie Gregory drove down from Virginia to attend the ceremony.

"I just wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to go back from wence I came and to share this with my brothers."

An experience he hopes will influence a younger generation

"Hopefully my sons and daughters will understand the rich heritage that we came from and that I was a part of something good and hopefully that will influence them to do something good and carry on our legacy."

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