Admitted burglar surrenders to TV station

A man wanted in a series of burglaries turned himself in Thursday, but not to police.

WPVI-TV reported from Wynnefield Heights, Pa., that a woman saw her son in surveillance video during one of its station's newscasts and told him he'd better turn himself in.

He took her directions literally, showing up at the station on Thursday.

Anthony Thomas, 41, said his mother was watching the news on Monday and saw the surveillance footage of the burglaries from last week of the Gulph Mills Sunoco and the Exxon stations on Henderson and South Gulph Roads.

Police said the burglar smashed windows and then stole cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Thomas says the guy in the video looked very familiar to his mother and she called him.

"My mother told me she seen it," Thomas said. "And she told me that I better turn myself in because if I don't do so, she was going to do it."

Thomas talked with a reporter at the station, and then he was handed over to authorities.

"I just want to apologize to the people of Upper Merion for the crime I did," he added, "and to my mother and my family for disrespecting them, disappointing them."

WPVI-TV asked Thomas why he commited the crimes, and he said he was a decent person with a drug problem.


Read the WPVI-TV report here.

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