Additional arrest made in meth lab bust

RICHLANDS - A break-up of a methamphetamine lab led to now two people behind bars and a 4-year-old under observation for possible exposure to harmful chemicals.

NCIS aboard Camp Lejeune first received information that meth was being made at the house in Richlands, and they contacted the Onslow County Sheriff's Office due to the location of the lab.

Deputies executed a search warrant at 313 Scranton Court in Richlands where they found several "one pot" meth labs.  They say Charity Anglade and a 4-year-old child were inside the home.

The child was transported to the hospital by Onslow County EMS to be evaluated for exposure to meth and the chemicals used for making the drug.

Anglade, 33, was arrested and now faces several charges including the manufacturing of meth and child abuse and neglect.  She was placed under a $175,000 bond.

Ibrahim Cruz, 35, was brought in Thursday and also charged in the incident.  Deputies say Cruz was living with Anglade and the child.

Neighbors, who did not wish to be identified publicly, said they noticed traffic at Anglade's home during the night.

"We've seen scooters, mo-peds, motorcycles, everything would just go right into her garage, the door would shut, and then they'd go right back out and leave," said one unnamed neighbor.

Other neighbors said Anglade's husband is a U.S. Marine.  He was not living in the home for many months, according to residents.  Neighbors said that Anglade's 4 year-old daughter is now with her estranged husband, and that the child does not have any serious complications due to the exposure to the drug.

Deputies said more arrests and criminal charges are pending.

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