Actors Switch Sides In Hit Political Ad

Two old men on their front porch helped boot Republican Elizabeth Dole out of office in 2008. They are back on TV now praising Republican Richard Burr.

After the ads first aired in 2008 poll numbers made a drastic 17 point swing and put Democrat Kay Hagan on top of Dole in the Senate race. In the ads two old men talked on the porch about how they were disappointed in the performance of Dole.

One of those men was actor Paul White from New Bern. He's a registered Republican and actually voted for Dole, not Hagan, in the election. White said it was simply a job he was paid well to perform.

Now the same two men are back on the air in a political ad supporting the reelection of Republican Senator Richard Burr. Campaign managers for Burr say one of the men approached Burr about doing whatever they would need to in order to support his campaign.

The new ads hit the air yesterday. Burr is running against Democrat Elaine Alexander.

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