Abused horses in need of a home

13 Abused horses in need of a home

SNOW HILL, GREENE COUNTY - Three horses died due to negligence from their owner, according to Greene County Investigators. That owner, Carl Davis, is charged with sixteen counts of animal cruelty.

Thirteen of the horses are now being taken care of at a farm in Snow Hill. Joe Smith with Greene County Animal Control said that the horses were in really bad condition when they were rescued earlier this month. Smith said it looked like the horses hadn't been fed in a month.

The new caregiver, who wishes to stay anonymous, is working with Greene County Animal Control to bring these horses back to good health. Greene County is reimbursing the horses food expense, but the caregiver and her husband are donating their time and pasture.

She said they could only approach four of the horses when they were first brought to the farm.

"They've gotten the food. They feel better.  I think they know that we are here to help. So, like I said earning their trust is great," the caregiver said.

She said they are taking care of the horses at their farm until Greene County can find a good home for the horses.

It has been two weeks since the horses have been at their new home.  NewsChannel 12 followed up with the caregiver who told us the horses are now able to taken down grain. Grain is essential for horses to regain their health.

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