AAA Carolinas: 1 million to travel during holiday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - AAA Carolinas expected more than a million North Carolinians will drive to their Thanksgiving dinners, an increase over last year.

The travel club said a total of 1,291,000 North Carolinians are expected to travel 50 miles or more from home, with motorists composing about 90 percent of all travelers.

When those motorists stop for gas, they will find prices are lower than they were on Labor Day.

North Carolina gas prices are averaging $3.23, down 28 cents from Sept. 2. The price this year is also eight cents less than motorists paid last Thanksgiving.

The highest average price in North Carolina is in Asheville at $3.30 per gallon of unleaded. The least expensive average price is in Fayetteville at $3.18.

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