A smile, a scowl from robbery suspects

PITT COUNTY - The two suspects in a weekend armed robbery had different reactions when they ended up in jail, as seen above.

The two targeted a gas station employee with a bank bag during an armed robbery outside a Pitt County gas station, according to a Pitt County Sheriff's Office spokesperson.

Mirranda Brock, 19, and Jonathon Nichols, 32, robbed the Wilco Hess employee at gunpoint at a gas station location on Highway 33 near Blackjack Simpson Road, the spokesperson said.

The gas station is just east of the Greenville city limits.

The armed robbery happened Saturday morning, the spokeswoman said.

Deputies caught the pair and hauled them to jail, where Brock smiled and Nichols scowled.

The gas station employee was not hurt.

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