A new race paddles into New Bern

Race in New Bern October 27th

Craven County - The first ever stand up paddle board race is coming to the Neuse River the first weekend in November.

The owners of Stand Up Outfitters, Kate and Charley Lewis, have organized the event. They say they are excited to showcase the sport in the community.

"This race in particular for New Bern is open to anybody," said Kate Lewis. "And we're encouraging people, if you've never raced before or even thought about racing,  if you just like to paddle casually it is a great opportunity to get out."

Stand Up owner Charley Lewis says the sport has been in the lime light nationally.

"It's hard to pick up a US magazine without seeing some sort of celebrity on a stand up board." said Charley Lewis.

He says the sport is versatile. It can be casual or competitive. The sport can appeal equally to children, seniors, and competitive athletes. He hopes the race this October will showcase the diversity locally.

"I think it will do a good job of maybe introducing people to a side of it that they were unaware of which is this legitimate competitive side with really, really good athletes." said Charley Lewis.

Race day was originally scheduled for October 27th. But due to adverse weather, it has been rescheduled for November 3rd.  It will feature a 5K, 10K, and a half-mile children's race.

The Friday before the race, November 2nd, Stand Up Outfitters will be holding a free event to learn about paddle boarding.

"So anyone who wants to come out, try paddle boarding, see what its all about, they can come out and do that." said Kate Lewis.

For more information on the race, click here.

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