A new home for a big snake

A new home for a big snake

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - Butterscotch, a much loved Albino Burmese Python at Bill's Pet Shop in New Bern moved into her new home.

The 90 pound, 11 foot long Python is expected to grow. That's why Bill Gent, the owner of Bill's pet shop has been working on a new tank for buttery-yellow snake.

"We've been working on this for about two months, two and a half months, getting the pen build for her." said Gent.

The new pen is twice the size of the old tank, which stood as 4 foot x 4 foot. The new tank is 4 foot x 8 foot.

"Eventually we are going to expand it. We've got it built where you can take it apart and we plan on going another four foot longer and two feet deeper." said Gent.

Kids at the pet shop were able to hold Butterscotch and help her into the new pen. Gent used this opportunity to teach the kids about snakes.

"Whenever we get the snakes out we always make sure we are watching them, because they are wild animals. We teach the kids what to do if they find a snake in the wild, to go get their parents. We also try to get kids who are scared to go up behind them and touch the tails. Some do, and some don't." said Gent.

The six kids at Bill's Pet Shop Saturday were more than willing to get up close and personal with the gentle giant. Most saying they were surprised by how smooth, heavy, and strong she was.

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