A new Brigadier General takes command at Camp Lejeune

Reporter: Katy Harris

A ceremony celebrated a change of command at Camp Lejeune's Marine Logistics Group's headquarters building.

More than 100 marines from the 2nd Marine Logistics Group took part in the ceremony to say farewell to Brigadier General Edward D. Banta.

Taking his place is Brigadier General Charles C. Chiarotti.

A transfer of colors signified one general's exit and a new one's entry.

Brigadier General Chiarotti says he's glad to call North Carolina home.

"It's fantastic, look behind me here and you can see the marines ensemble. you can see the backdrop of the Carolinas. who can complain about this. this is a fantastic day for me, myself and my family."

In 2005, Chiarotti deployed with Camp Lejeune's 22nd MEU... in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom..

He was a Lieutenant Colonel then.

Brigadier General Banta is headed to Camp Pendleton.

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