A lot of speculation on a new minor league team coming to Kinston

A lot of speculation on a new minor league team coming to Kinston

KINSTON, LENOIR COUNTY - A minor league team in Bakersfield, California has fallen short of raising enough money for stadium repairs. Since the news came out, speculation began on whether that team could be picked to come to Kinston.

The media representative of the Bakersfield team known as the Bakersfield Blaze, said in a press release the team would not be moving from their current stadium through 2014 season. The current owner of the Blaze budgeted $30 million to build a brand new stadium for the team. A release states only $18 million was raised. It is for this reason and the fact the Blaze is a Class A team that speculation began on the team moving to Kinston.

So far there has been no confirmation this move is actually being considered.

Employees from the City of Kinston say they have been actively searching for a replacement team since the Indians left in 2011. 

If a team were to replace the Indians they would have to join a regional team. Leagues must have an even number of teams for scheduling purposes. So if a team were to come to Kinston one of two things would need to happen a second team would have to be added, or an existing team would have to be dropped.

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