A family's fresh start

Family returns home after Hurricane Irene

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BAYBORO, Pamlico - A Pamlico County family gets a fresh start a year after Hurricane Irene. The Alton's were displaced when the storm destroyed their family lot which included three family homes in the Bayboro area.

 71 year old Rachel Alton tells News Channel 12 that she has finally gotten over the awful memory of the flooding and a year of living without a permanent home on Florence Road.

 "It feels wonderful," she said. "l thank God each and every day for this . It's a blessing."

 Melvin Alton spent the last five months assisting volunteers with refurbishing his mother's home.

 "Night after night, after night everybody came in and pitched in and it was a long battle but we got it done,' said Melvin. "We're able to sit down, relax, and be able to enjoy what God has given us."

A group of volunteers from Michigan State University are spending their Spring Break working on one of the Alton's

"My cousin his house is being worked on ," said Melvin. "My house it's still not finished, I have a group from Raleigh that should be down by the end of the month."

Melvin said he and cousin should be able to move back into their homes within the next three months.

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