A Duplin County family is homeless after house fire

A Duplin County family is homeless after house fire

ROSE HILL, DUPLIN COUNTY - "Prayer and support are the only things going to get me through this," Serena Gilbert said.

Gilbert and her family are living in a hotel with the help of the Red Cross, after a fire left their home in ruins. 

Firefighters in Duplin County responded to a house fire at a single story home on Azalea St. in Rose Hill about 8:30 Monday evening.

"I don't know how to describe it. I'm at a loss for words. I feel like my world's crumbling down. But I've got hope," Gilbert said. 

Rose Hill Fire Chief Clayton Herring Jr. told NewsChannel 12 Gilbert's adult son was cooking french fries when the grease caught fire. The son and Gilbert's grandson were in the home at the time, but made it out with no injuries. 

"I just want to get my life back together. Pick up where I left off," Gilbert said. 

Gilbert is not sure at this point if she will try to invest in fixing the severely damaged home, or if she will try to find another place to live. Gilbert had just paid off the home and did not have insurance.

Gilbert says she has lived in that house for 20 years. She is devastated about her loss.

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