A DNC dream: a Pamlico County delegate reflects on convention

Monica Gibbs, the first woman delegate from Pamlico County

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CHARLOTTE - We brought you the story earlier this week of a Monica Gibbs, the first Pamlico County woman to attend the national convention. Gibbs invited our Kianga Kelley to join her in Charlotte for a few days for the event.

From wacky clothing to dancing law enforcement, everyone who made their way to Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention did everything imaginable to stand out. Amid all of the craziness, there was one who caught the eyes of many in Eastern Carolina - Pamlico County delegate Monica Gibbs, the first woman from that county to attend a national convention.

"It's been really awesome," said Gibbs.

She invited Newschannel 12 reporter Kianga Kelley to Charlotte to walk in her shoes, which happened to be a non-stop, fast-paced experience.

Kelley and Gibbs attended a minority caucus meeting, one of many that drew in hundreds of attendees. One meeting had a line that wrapped around the inside of the building, just to see Jill Biden.

Of course there were the big name sightings like Former New York Governor David Patterson and convention speaker Sandra Fluke. There was even time for Gibbs to shine. She was selected by members of the DNC to share her story for the convention website.

Excitement seemed to slow down on day two of Kianga's visit with Gibbs, when Gibbs got a disturbing phone call. Her 5-year-old son, Jace, had to be hospitalized for pneumonia. She contemplated returning home, but her family convinced her that she needed to stay.

"It's gonna be hard to carry on the rest of the day, and I was excited about seeing Obama, but in the back of my mind I have a sick child," Gibbs said while sitting on her bed.

Finding peace in knowing that her son was in good hands, Gibbs was able to set out for the DNC's grand finale.  It was a night she had been waiting for, to see President Barak Obama's acceptance speech.

Gibbs says the convention inspired her to get as many young adults as she can involved with the 2012 Election - no matter what party, candidate or issue they might stand for.

Gibbs is also the first African-American from Pamlico County to be selected to attend the Democratic National Convention. The last time anyone from Pamlico County attended was in 1968.

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