Life at Craven Pamlico Animal Services Center is spent hoping to get pets to their forever home.  Debbie Ham, who volunteers with local rescue groups, says until that happens, she is hoping people will participate in the 12 Acts of Kindness program to help the animals.

"I just suggest that people call their local shelter and ask them what they need because each shelter is different," said Ham.

The 12 Acts of Kindness does not mean you have to do a dozen things.  It can be more or less.  The goal of the program is to build the bond between the community and its local animal shelter.  Food, toys and blankets can be donated, but for the animal shelter in New Bern, money is what they need most.

"We can buy items that the public can't readily get.  Things that I get from my veterinarian such as heart worm tests, flea and tick prevention, heart worm medication and antibiotics," said Trinity Smith, animal control supervisor.

The 12 Acts of Kindness not only focuses on the animals at the shelter but also the staff and volunteers that work there.

"They see a lot of things out there that can put a lot of stress on them," said Ham.

Sometimes, a phone call to the shelter makes all the difference.

"It's a real morale booster when we get the phone calls that say what can we do for you and thank you for what you're doing, you're doing a good job," said Smith.

Twelve acts of kindness for those with two legs and four.

If you need a little help on what to give, there is a giving tree at Jill's Pet Gallery on Kale Rd in New Bern.