An Onslow County student says he used the honor code when he turned himself in for accidentally bringing a weapon to school.

Travis Smith, 17, was suspended from Swansboro High School on Friday after he found the pocket knife in the backpack he used to adjust his drums during a summer band camp. The senior says he immediately turned it in to his teacher.

“It was an honest mistake,” Smith said. “I didn't bring it on purpose. I wasn't using it to hurt anybody, so I gave it to him.”

Smith was suspended for two days this week, Tuesday and Wednesday, but was still allowed to perform with the school band over the weekend.

The teen’s parents aren't happy with school officials' decision.

“The inconsistency is what really upsets me, the inconsistency in their methods of discipline,” Travis’ mother, Susan Smith, said.

According to the Onslow County School Code of Conduct, any student who finds a weapon or weapon-like item must notify a teacher or principal. It also says anyone who has a weapon could be suspended for a year.

Assistant Superintendent Barry Collins released the following statement:
A student at Swansboro High School was in possession of a pocket knife on Friday October 5, 2012. The incident was discovered and reported to the school administration. The school administrators investigated the situation and made a determination based on the facts of the case. A report was filed with law enforcement. The principal implemented disciplinary action to begin on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 (no school for students Monday). The coaches and sponsors for after school activities have their own disciplinary procedures, in addition to the actions put into place by administrators. The student did participate in events on Friday and Saturday. Personnel matters, that may become part of the employees personnel file, shall remain confidential.