Student magazine raises eyebrows with nude photos

POSTED: 8:23 PM Dec 14 2012   UPDATED: 8:27 PM Dec 14 2012

ECU's "Expressions" latest edition published Dec. 6 shows a six-page spread of two nude students.

Some of the photos contain full-frontal male and female nudity. The photos were part of a collection of essays, artwork and poems surrounding the theme of the edition entitled "Hidden in Plain Sight."

"Oh, wow that's a little much for my taste," graduating senior Brad Hartwell said.

"It's art, in my mind. Every image of a person doesn't have to be pornographic. It's pretty bold for a magazine to do this," senior Xavier Atkinson said.

Micah Lockhart, an ECU sophomore, is the magazine's general manager.

"We did this for the purpose of eliminating the idea that one must cover themselves up. It's a societal belief that one must cover themselves up," Lockhart said.

Lockhart consulted with faculty advisers before publishing the nude photos. He said he didn't want to repeat what happened when the "East Carolinian" student newspaper ran a front-page photo of a streaker who disrupted a football game in Nov. 2011.

Virginia Hardy is the vice chancellor of student affairs at ECU.

"This was brought to the administrations attention and the administration asked the pertinent questions in regards to what was the process the students used to come to this decision. And once hearing the process, and understanding that it was a deliberate process, and what their intentions behind it. The administration said 'okay we can support this,'" Hardy said.

"We didn't publish this on the front page on the cover of our magazine...We did include a disclaimer page and lastly we put it in the last 6 pages of our magazine. That way if anyone wanted to read the content before the photos they wouldn't feel like they were forced to view those pictures," Lockhart said.

The magazine is student-fee-funded. All editions are free and it only distributed on campus.