A Pee Dee the Pirate statue has been returned to its owner after it was stolen more than ten years ago.

The statue was stolen from Evans Properties in Greenville in June, 2002.

Steve Evans, owner of the business and ECU alumnus, said police returned the statue to him on Wednesday, after they found it near the railroad tracks on 14th Street in Greenville.

“Wow. This can't be real,” Evans said. “I thought it was just a potential lead or something.”

Before it was stolen, Pee Dee the Pirate was kept on the balcony of the business, which is about 15 feet from the ground. Evans said he doesn't know who took the statue, but has an idea what may have happened to Pee Dee.

“I visualize it was probably students at a time,” Evans said. “He's probably been to a lot of parties, a lot of celebrations, a lot of events.”

The statue will need some work. Evans said it is missing a foot and is covered in dirt.

Evans plans to return the statue to its spot on the balcony, but this time with concrete bolts.