Spring has sprung and so has the pollen

Tree pollen is high and grass will be next

POSTED: 4:59 PM Apr 09 2013
Spring has sprung and so has the pollen

Washing your car seems to be the only way to get rid of the pollen that's every where. 

"I just washed my car yesterday.  I wiped it down this morning.  When I came out of class, there was pollen on my car again," said Dunn.

The pollen is also tickling our noses.

"The pollen has been horrible for me.  My allergies can't take it any more," said Russo.

Dr. Zechman of the Allergy and Asthma Clinic of New Bern says allergy season is here, and we are in the thick of it.

"Trees start pollinating  in waves toward the end of January and certainly by the middle of February," said Zechman.

The coating that you see on your car is pine pollen.  However, there are irritants in the air that are invisible to the naked eye.

"Particularly oak, maple, pecan, birch and beech are the type of trees that produce pollen that's very tiny and does not accumulate the way pine pollen does," said Zechman.

Some can't wait to see the pollen pass.

"I can't wait for it to go away.  My car is yellow.  My cats are yellow," said Russo.

There are more pollen problems on the way. 

"Shortly after tree pollen or even overlapping with them, grasses will start pollinating in early May," said Dr. Zechman.

It's the price we pay while we enjoy the warmer weather.