A proposed highway project could force several people from their homes, according to the department of transportation.

The project, proposed by the DOT, would improve traffic on Highway 17 from Deppe Loop Road/Springhill Road, south of Belgrade to the Jones/Craven County line. The plan includes widening the two-way lane to a four-way lane, as well creating a bypass through Maysville and Pollocksville.

The DOT said almost 50 homes in the area would have to be moved to make room for the new roadways.

Nick Metts, a resident of Ten Mile Fork road in Pollocksville, is one of several residents will have to move. Metts said he was notified by the DOT a few months ago.

“We don’t want to move, but I guess we have to,” Metts said.

The DOT is expected to start making offers on the properties by next year. Construction is expected to start as early as 2015.