Proposal would overrule voters' decision on sales tax hike

POSTED: 8:30 PM Feb 08 2013

Voters in Lenoir County defeated a proposed sales tax increase, but they might have to pay the increased tax anyway.

A bill filed Thursday in the state Legislature that applies specifically to Lenoir County would allow the Lenoir County Board of Commissioners to increase the sales tax by .25 percent in the county.

It’s unclear if the bill has support in the Legislature, or if the Board of Commissioners would institute the tax increase if they were granted the authority.

Representative George Graham (D – Kinston) sponsored the bill.

The proposal gives the Board of Commissioners another avenue to raise revenue, Graham said.

He said an increased sales tax is favorable to an increased property tax.

Sales tax is currently 6.75 percent in Lenoir County.

If the sales tax increase were approved, a $100 purchase would cost $107 instead of $106.75 after sales tax.