Across the country, politicians are debating gun control and issues of mental health and gun ownership.

Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden said even if he can't do everything he wants to combat gun violence, doing something is still better than doing nothing.
Biden met with representatives of victims of gun violence and gun safety groups -- part of a series of meetings he's holding this week in an effort to reach agreement on proposals to curb gun violence.

Also Wednesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said to a crowd at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center that he would enact some of the toughest bans on gun control in the nation.

The issue has some gun shop owners here in Eastern North Carolina worried about the future.

At Bite Me Firearms in New Bern, owner Michael Lane said he doesn't know if the future of his business is secure.

"I built this business so when I retire I'll have something to fall back on. I don't know if that's going to happen or not," Lane said.

The recently inaugurated governor of North Carolina is also weighing in.

"I think we have enough gun laws on the book," said Governor Pat McCrory. "I think we need to start enforcing some of the federal gun laws that I don't think are being enforced strong enough."

Not all in Eastern North Carolina agree. Evelyn Paul is a former teacher of 20 years. The Sandy Hook Elementary School she said mass murder strikes close to home for her. 

"I question why people feel the need to have a weapon that was designed for the military which essentially was designed to tear a human being apart," Paul said.