Police staffing reduction proposed

POSTED: 7:07 PM Feb 14 2013
maysville pd

A proposal in Maysville would cut the town’s police force by one-third.

Commissioners Janet Baker and Bobby Flowers put the issue on the agenda for a Thursday night meeting of the Maysville Board of Commissioners.

The move is one of economics, Baker said.

She said the Jones County town cannot afford its current three-officer police department and wants the staffing level reduced to two officers (including the chief).

The proposal is proving divisive.

“You don't decrease the police force in this town, there are only a couple of policemen anyway,” said Kathryn Eynon, a Maysville resident.

But Misty Sanders supports the staffing reduction.

"Maysville is small enough that we need two policemen, and that's it," Sanders said.

Dan Ryan, the town’s police commissioner and a Maysville commissioner, said he would not support the reduction.