Authorities in Gaston County have filed charges against a woman who they say set up a room for another woman to be sexually assaulted while she cared for the victim's two children in another room.
The Gaston Gazette reports that 47-year-old Jeannette Valero Vazquez has been jailed under $500,000 bond after being arrested for first-degree kidnapping and first-degree rape.  Deputies say her release is on hold pending an investigation into her immigration status.
Dallas Police Detective L.L. Stoneburner said officers are searching for 33-year-old Carlos Sanchez Romero, who faces the same charges.
Stoneburner said the accuser thought she was going to a friend's house on June 20 to look at pictures when she was attacked.  He said the woman didn't talk to police until August because she may have feared the suspects.