Newly renovated police training center

POSTED: 7:04 PM Oct 02 2012

A dedication ceremony was held on Tuesday to celebrate the newly renovated Jacksonville Police Training Center. The new facility includes an ecologically-friendly firing range - the first of its kind in Eastern North Carolina.

"I'm excited," said Tim Malfitano, Deputy Director of Public Safety in Jacksonville.  "This center allows us to provide the best possible training to officers and allows officers to become confident in those abilities."

Malfitano says the new firing range contains a bullet trap that absorbs spent bullets for recycling.  That's good since bullets contain a small amount of lead.

"We don't want that lead, or any part of any lead to get anywhere in our soil which goes in our ground water," said Malfitano.

The facility, which is located off of Stillwood Road in Jacksonville, also includes a new classroom, SWAT tactical house, and observation and remote tower.

The project has been in the works since 2005.  Malfitano says it was completed through a partnership with Coastal Carolina Community College, the City of Jacksonville and the police department.

In speaking about the dedication ceremony, Malfitano said it's "to honor those who do this job, who will come through those gates and continue to do this job, and those that have died doing this job."

The new facility is not just for Jacksonville Police.  Malfitano says the Sheriff's department, the highway patrol, and law enforcement students at Coastal Carolina Community College are also welcome to use the training center.