Horse found dead, man faces charges

POSTED: 7:44 PM Jul 16 2012   UPDATED: 8:27 PM Jul 16 2012
0716 Horse Abuse image

A horse is found dead at a Vanceboro home and a West Craven Middle School employee faces charges.

According to animal control four horses were found without water and little food on July 6th.
Two were found in excellent condition, one in ok, another
A week later the horse found dead.

Derrick Chapman claims he was out of town that weekend and had someone coming by to feed them. He’s been charged with one count of animal cruelty.
Chapman says he got the horse "Flash" from a co-worker and had him only for about 3 months and was trying to rehabilitate him.

<look at the horses that are here. Why haven't they taken my other horses?

The Craven School Board responded to the charges saying that based on its policy , Chapman followed proper procedure by reporting his misdemeanor charge to human resources in a timely manner. He will not face any penalties.

According to animal control flash and three other horses were found without water and little food july 6th.

“Animal control, they pretty much said that you are unfit to be an owner of horses based off what they have seen, what do you have to say to that,” News Channel 12 asked? “Look at my other horses, look at the horses that are here. Why haven't they taken my other horses, responded Chapman?”

As to why he didn’t report his co-worker to authorities, This is how he answered.

“We thought that we could help him, he's an old horse,.”

We did a background check on Chapman. We learned that in January of 2000, he was convicted for carrying a concealed weapon on school grounds which is a misdemeanor.

He also has a pending court date for an unplugged shotgun, which means his gun was modified to carry more ammunition than the legal limit .

Chapman is scheduled to appear in court on August 6th.