Family members says Francisco "Chico" Zuncin will be buried Wednesday afternoon at the Galaxy Ranch in Duplin County.  Chico will be laid to rest in a small cemetery near the soccer field he visited daily. 


Francisco Zuncin's young life revolved around soccer, friends and family. The Zuncin Family speaks about their loss, three days after Francisco - known as "Chico" - is killed in a crash.

"He was trying to give us hugs, always," said sister-in-law Maria Flores.

Family members say 16-year-old Chico loved to tell jokes and considered everyone a friend.

Flores, who was like a second mom to Chico, was numb when she discovered he was killed less than half a mile from his home.

Family members say on most days, they knew exactly where to find Chico.

"That morning I was calling him, looking for him, and he wasn't there," said Flores.

Rene Zuncin, Chico's dad, says the boys were en-route to Wilmington to help a friend move.  Troopers say the four teens didn't get far.

Chico's brother, Carlos Mendez, was one of the first on scene after the crash.   

"I was calling his name, and I was like wake up Chico, Chico wake up," said Mendez.

Mendez tried to help his brother.

"He had his eyes a little bit open, I could see his eyes, but he wouldn't respond back," said Mendez.

Troopers say Chico was killed on the scene of the accident.

Since Chico's death, the community has come together to assist the Zuncin family.

"I'm thankful for everybody that help me, I appreciate that a lot," said Rene.

Chico was the youngest of seven children. 

Flores says Chico loved playing soccer at the Galaxy Ranch in Duplin County.

On Wednesday, Chico will be buried in a small cemetery near the soccer field at the Galaxy Ranch.  Flores says Chico's soccer friends will never be far.  


The East Duplin High School soccer team raised more than $8,500 to cover the funeral expenses of a teammate that was killed in a crash on Friday.

Friends say Francisco Zuncin's family will use the donations to cover his funeral arrangements, and the rest will go to help cover the medical expenses of the other three teens in the wreck. 

Assistant Coach Matthew Carter says the fundraising efforts will continue next week with the assistance of local churches. 

Francisco Zuncin will be be buried at the Pine View Cemetery on Wednesday.