A line of showers and thunderstorms passed through eastern Carolina Saturday night into Sunday. Behind this line of storms is cool, comfortable air that should stick around for the entire week. Atmospheric flow will continue to pull down cooler drier air day after day, giving us highs near 80° and very low humidity.

One of the best effects of this recent weather pattern is the lack of rain. We may still see a few afternoon sea breeze showers each afternoon, but the overall trend is dry. This is a  sight for sore eyes for many eastern Carolinians. For most of August we experienced frequent heavy rains, and many cloudy days. That wet trend left us with above average ground water values.  This week of sunny skies and drier ambient air will help evaporate water in soggy lawns as well as many stagnant water puddles.

Several farmers have been hoping for the weather to turn dry as we neared September. This month marks harvest for several Carolina crops.  In fact Farmer's Day in Richlands was cancelled yesterday due to the fields being
too wet, and postponed till next week. Drier fields will make it easier to get equipment in and out of fields, and crops less likely to rot during the harvest season.