If mugshots could talk, Melvin Merardo Acevedo-Pineda's would only tell half the story.

Police said Acevedo-Pineda's injuries were caused by a barstool beating, but it's what investigators said he did just before the beating that landed the 32-year-old behind bars.

Police in Wilmington said Acevedo-Pineda was drinking early Sunday morning at a bar on Kerr Avenue. He left and came back, only to find the bar closed. That's when, police said, Acevedo-Pineda drove his vehicle through the front door of the bar. He then entered the bar with a machete and began attacking a man inside, police said.

The victim, 29-year-old Dennis Troches, defended himself by hitting the suspect over the head with a barstool.

Troches refuse treatment for minor cuts, while Acevedo-Pineda was taken to Cape Fear Hospital for treatment before being carted off to jail where he was held under a $100,000 bond.

Acevedo-Pineda faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, damage to property and DWI.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also put a hold on the suspect.